Le Clos des Sternes la Flotte en RéLe Clos des Sternes la Flotte en Ré
Le Clos des Sternes la Flotte en RéLe Clos des Sternes la Flotte en Ré
Le Clos des Sternes la Flotte en RéLe Clos des Sternes la Flotte en Ré
5 rue de l'Airmorin 17630 La Flotte en Ré

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How to come by car?

Here’s the best way to get to us coming from the Ile de Ré bridge. The route which actually skirts around the village takes you directly to the Clos des Sternes which is right by the pedestrianised streets.

How to get to the île de Ré:
- By A10 motorway
- By TGV high speed train to La Rochelle railway station, and then to the île de Ré:
- by taxi [Béatrice Taxi -, recommended by Madame OBERS]
- by bus [Les mouettes - – bus stop "La Flotte Port" at just 100m from the Clos des Sternes]
- Airport La Rochelle-Laleu
- By car : Ile de Ré bridge
- When you get to the Île de Ré, at the first ROUNDABOUT, follow the signs for RIVEDOUX-PLAGE (This is the 1st village, which you go through), then follow signs for LA FLOTTE;
- At the 2nd ROUNDABOUT, do not follow the signs for LA FLOTTE, but instead follow the signs for ARS / SAINT MARTIN, then carry straight on up to the 3rd ROUNDABOUT and then again straight on to the 4th ROUNDABOUT.
- At the 4th ROUNDABOUT , take the road on your right towards LA FLOTTE. You’ll enter the village of LA FLOTTE, and you’ll go past the CAMPING MUNICIPAL on your right, before coming to the stop sign.
- You’ll now be in front of the Sainte Vierge: Take the first road on the right which is the, RUE DU 8 MAI, then the first on your left, the RUE DE L’AIRMORIN, (you’ll see that there is a sign indicating the way to Clos des Sternes). Carry on up this road until the point where it becomes a U shape, (there will be a house in front of you, a road on the left and another one on the right);
- Make sure you take the road on the left which is called the RUE DE L’AIRMORIN and not on the right because that one is called the ruelle de l’Airmorin.
- You’ll now be in the RUE DE L’AIRMORIN, we’re No.5 (on your right).
Please Note: when you first arrive please park right over on the left against the wall. Once you’ve checked in we’ll show you to the private enclosed car park.



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